Climate Neutral

We do our outmost to operate climate neutrally and produce in a sustainable way. We, for example, use renewable energy and have a highly efficient network, requiring less transport movements. We work with partners who, just like us, give highest priority to sustainability. We have gathered these partners around us by years of experience in the injection moulding industry.

However, during some steps in the process it is inevitable to have minimal CO emission. R2S offers the possibility to neutralize this through our partner Lokaal Neutraal. Lokaal Neutraal realizes forests in the Netherlands with optimal CO  uptake.They achieve this by optimizing existing forests and targeted planting of young trees, in order to grow the forest. By doing this, Lokaal Neutraal offers the possibility to compensate CO locally, in the Netherlands. 

Apart from planting and managing green, we are also continuously searching for possibilities to minimize CO₂ emission and thus becoming completely climate neutral. More and more techniques and innovations arise which can help minimizing CO emission as well as capturing existing CO. We keep a close eye on these innovations and are closely involved in multiple circular and sustainability initiatives. With the end goal for us and our partners, to be able to operate completely CO neutral.

We are constantly involved in discussions with governments and municipalities to see how we can help them accomplish their sustainability goals and thus having a smaller impact on the environment. We visit events to stay updated on the latest developments, which we discuss with our partners to see if and how we can respond to this.

100% circular and 100% CO free. That’s what we stand for.