Become Sustainable

Want to know how sustainable and profitable your plastic product can be by using Return2Sender? Click here to calculate the sustainability of your product.

Impressed how sustainable your product can be? Become a member by complying with the following product- and company guidelines. Return2Sender will check your product and the company guidelines before you can become a member.

Company guidelines

Being sustainable is not just using fewer raw materials, but also caring about our planet and its people. We encourage fair and honest working conditions. That’s why we have set up our Return2Sender Company guidelines. These guidelines are inspired by the ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility (ISO 26000: 2010, 1st edition). We expect Return2Sender members to comply with these guidelines in order to make the planet a more sustainable place.

Five key aspects of this guideline are:

  • Human Rights
  • Labour Practices
  • Fair Labour Practices
  • Environment
  • Social Responsibility

Product requirements

Some products can be more suitable for horizontal recycling than others. When designing your product, you should bear in mind certain requirements, making the product more sustainable and Return2Sender proof.

In order to have products registered and marked under the Return2Sender system, Return2Sender members must make sure they follow Return2Sender Product requirements.

  • Product Design
  • Product Composition
  • Product Disassembly
  • Material Origin, Composition, Recycling Streams
  • Recollection
  • Packaging
Return2Sender. Smart recycling for a sustainable future.