How does horizontal recycling work and what is our goal?

Return2Sender recycles horizontally. Horizontal recycling is a method which uses old products as raw material for new ones. This is a far more sustainable method as opposed to traditional recycling.

Traditional recycling shreds all kinds of plastic to a mass of mixed plastic. The plastic can only be used to make lower quality products, for example garbage bags. Using horizontal recycling only products having the exact same specifications are used to create new products

Products with a R2S logo are registered in the database of R2S. Because of this database R2S knows the exact composition of every plastic R2S registered product. R2S functions as a platform; all of the registered parts will be taken back to the beginning of the production process. Due to the exact composition of the plastic product being registered, the product can be used again as raw material for the same new product without any loss of quality. Because of this method the product still meets the requirements of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and United Laboratories (UL) if applicable.

Using less fossil fuel in production is the main advantage of horizontal recycling. This method will reduce the carbon footprint as well as increase opportunities to get in touch with customers directly. As a result of this direct contact between manufacturer and customer, the manufacturers are able to offer their customers discounts on new purchases when the original product is returned. The customer has an incentive to recycle and the manufacturer saves money on material. R2S is the platform that can make all this happen!

Our goal

Our goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce the amount of raw material needed for production. Furthermore, we want to help you reduce your production costs and thereby increase your profit. Reducing the demand for new raw materials, puts less strain on the already limited resources. Moreover, recycling your products with R2S means that the plastic is not incinerated, but recycled by a less polluting and efficient way. Because of all this we produce a more sustainable world together.

Return2Sender. Smart recycling for a sustainable future.